Ancillary Equipment for IS Machine

Due to simplified system design, the gas forehearth is provided with a high degree of thermal stability and cooling capability. It delivers increased flexibility and wider tonnage range which are necessary to meet the rapidly changing market demands. As required, the glass making forehearth supports both centerline heating and side heating, providing better control over the glass conditioning process.

    1. The gas fired forehearth features indirect centerline cooling.
      Cooing section partitioning enables preferential side heating.
      Central partitioning for the equalizing section allows for independent side firing.

    1. The ware handling system is used to handle the glass containers formed in individual section machines. The system includes the transfer and conveyor system for delivering the glass container to the annealing lehr, the glass container pusher, and the stacker.
    1. The lehr is customizable, and its section number can be flexibly changed according to the productivity of glass production equipment.
    1. The bottle handling conveyor is designed for automatic bottle arrangement and continuous bottle conveying purposes during glass container production. It can also be used for the same purposes in related industries such as bottle filling, bottle packaging, etc.
    1. The MPT12 series palletizer is available in floor-level and high-level infeed versions, and thus can meet your varied layout design demands. It is designed for automatic tray packing of cylindrical glass containers, and compatible with both narrow beck and wide mouth containers.