Ware Handling (Ware Transfer, Cross Conveyor, Pusher and Stacker)

The ware handling system is used to handle the glass containers formed in individual section machines. The system includes the transfer and conveyor system for delivering the glass container to the annealing lehr, the glass container pusher, and the stacker.

Ware Transfer

The HST series ware transfer is a high speed conveyor designed for correctly and stably conveying glass containers, especially unstable ones, from the IS machine. It sends the containers to the cross conveyor in front of the annealing lehr.

Main features
Top and bottom rails adjustable
Support quick changing of the quantity of push fingers
Conveying the bottles stably all the time
Reducing 40% of the conveying distance

Cross Conveyor

The cross conveyor is a toothed chain conveyor designed for glass containers handling before they are sent into the annealing lehr. It is compatible with annealing lehrs with maximum width of 3600mm, and the silent chain width is up to 125mm. It features long service life and stable and reliable conveying.

The conveying speed is steplessly adjustable between 4 and 24m/min. The glass container can be output from either left or right side of the conveying system, which is customizable upon request.

  • Electronic Pusher
  • Stacker
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