Double Gob Individual Section (IS) Machine, HGD4.6-108

Configurations of the Double Gob Individual Section Machine
FLEXLINE Control System
Servo Gob Distributor
Mechanical Gob Distributor Optional
New Type of Delivery System
Linkages in Oil System for Blank and Blow Molds
Blank Mold with Protecting Brackets
Constant Cushion Invert Mechanism
Servo Electric Invert Mechanism Optional
VertiFlow Blow Mold Cooling Mechanism
Bottom Plate Mechanism with Vacuum-Assistant Forming Optional
Quick Change Plunger Mechanism
Constant Cushion Take-out Mechanism
Servo Electric Take-out Mechanism Optional
Quick Change Take-out Tong
Quick Change Blowhead Mechanism
Narrow Uprights for Machine
21# Electro-Pneumatic Valve Block (EPVB)
Conveyor with Silent Chain
Electronic Pusher, Double Horizontal Cylinders
Electronic Pusher, Double Axes Optional
On/off Control Blank Mold Cooling Mechanism Optional
Timing and Rationing Automatic Lubrication System
Process Change from Double Gob to Single Gob Optional
Glass Container Forming Methods
Blow and Blow
Press and Blow
Narrow Neck Press and Blow
Glass Container Specifications
Blow and Blow Press and Blow Narrow Neck Press and Blow
Ware Range
Maximum Body Diameter with VertiFlow 76mm
Maximum Body Diameter (Stack Cooling without Vacuum) 90mm
Maximum Body Diameter with Vacuum 80mm
Minimum Height under Finish 57mm 40mm
Maximum Height under Finish (with VertiFlow) 301mm 257mm
Maximum Finish Diameter 48mm 83mm 38mm

Consumptions of the Double Gob IS Machine
Media Pressure (Bar) Consumption per Section Nm3/min
Low Pressure Operating Air 2.1 1.0
High Pressure Operating Air 3.1 1.0
High Pressure Air (Pilot Air of EPVB) 4.0 0.003
Forming Air (Blow and Blow) 3.1 1.8
Forming Air (Press and Blow) 3.1 2.6
Vacuum 150mbar 0.2 ~ 0.3
Stack Cooling Only 1200 mm H2O 75
VertiFlow Blowside and Blank Stack 1200 mm H2O 50
Conveyor 600 mm H2O 10
Lubrication Oil 80 1.3 L/day
Cooling Water 2.1 15 L/min
Installation Dimension of the Double Gob Individual Section Machine
Feeder BLD910
S 400.5
IS Machine Section Number / Dimension 4 6
mm mm
A 2363 2363
B 3274 3274
C Delivery Center Distance 76mm 3752 3752
Delivery Center Distance 110mm 3722 3722
D (Recommended) 5000 5000
E 1168 1168
F 568 568
G 1730 2264
H 3660 4828
I 1716 2250
K 2306 3236
L (Standard) 596 596
L (With Receivers) 1296 1296
M 2292 2826
N 1502 1502
Machine Weight 17t 24t
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