Glass Manufacturing Solutions

Glass Container Manufacturing Process

Backed by over 5 decades experience in glass manufacturing industry, we hold over 60% market share of glass bottle making machines in China, and have exported our products to over 20 countries and regions around the world. We have earned a great number of honorary tiles, including the Key Enterprise in China Light Industry, as well as the Vice President Unit of China National Association for Glass Industry and China Light Industry Machinery Association. Additionally, we have the honor to win the Special Award for Excellent Performance in China Light Industry, and the No. 1 Enterprise in China Glass, Ceramic and Enamel Products Manufacturing Industry.

    1. Gob Feeder

      The GS series gob feeder uses precision servo systems. It includes the dual motor shears, tube height and rotation mechanism, and the servo plunger mechanisms for gob forming. It is used to produce high quality gobs over a very wide production range.

    1. Ancillary Equipment

      Due to simplified system design, the gas forehearth is provided with a high degree of thermal stability and cooling capability. It delivers increased flexibility and wider tonnage range which are necessary to meet the rapidly changing market demands. As required, the glass making forehearth supports both centerline heating and side heating, providing better control over the glass conditioning process.